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Have you ever wondered if your website is famous on the internet? Ever thought how much popular your website is globally and in your location? Well, now you can check your website’s Alexa rank in a few simple steps at “Alexa Rank Checker”.

“Alexa Rank Checker” is a great tool to monitor the global and local rank of your website provided by the Amazon Company owned Alexa. You can place your URL in the box and click “submit”. After scanning the URL for roughly 5 seconds, the Alexa rank checker appears with a report of your website.

This report entails the global rank of your website, the region where it is most famous, the regional rank of your website and the number of backlinks it has. There are two graphs shown in this report, website traffic rank graph and search engine traffic graph.

It shows the increment or decrement of these two components on a period of 6 months.

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