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Sometimes, we realize that a mail that we were supposed to receive hasn’t shown up in the inbox yet. Later, on searching through the spam folder, those absent emails of the inbox are found marked present in the spam folder. Thus, there arises a doubt that whether the emails sent by us are being received by people or not.

For the same purpose, there is a tool named “Blacklist Lookup” which enables one to search the URL of the email address and know your spam status. This is available here. All you need to do is to open the email account for which you want to check the spam status, copy the URL of the account and paste it in the “Enter the URL” section of the page that opens through the link mentioned above. Lastly, just click on the search button and it will analyze and show you the results. If you receive a result stating 'listed', then your email address is spammed and the emails sent by you cannot be received.

Whereas, if it's 'not listed', your email address isn't spammed and your sent emails go directly in the inbox folder of the recipients. Thus, this useful tool is a boon for the companies and organizations that tend to send bulk emails.

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