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About Broken Links Finder

When you click on a link and it shows a ‘404 error’; this is called a broken link. A 404 error is a very unpleasant situation for your website visitors. It could give you a bad reputation. To make sure it does not happen to your business, the Broken Links Finder tool has been developed by us.

This tool will find all the broken links on your website and show you the results. There are many reasons for a broken link of a web page, once you find the link the error could be rectified. Once you enter your website’s URL, our crawler will screen your entire website and neatly showcase you the list of links that are broken or not working. It will show you the status of every page.

Our crawler will crawl your website thoroughly and generate neat reports made of proper lists and charts. It does not require any downloads or any software maintenance. Your website could have any number of pages; our tool can screen the biggest website in a matter of seconds.

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