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About Google Cache Checker

For Google to show your website as a part of the search result, it needs to crawl the website first. The Google spider takes a snapshot of all the webpages it crawls and creates a backup.

So when a person searches for a phrase or a keyword on Google, it uses the already cached version to find the matches to those keywords or phrases. The Google Cache Checker tool gives a report of this cached version of the website to its owner. This tool requires you to put the URL of your website and hit search. As a result, the tool will tell the website owner how frequently their website is cached by Google. It will show a quick result of the exact date and time when the site was last crawled by Google crawler.

If the cached version of your website does not show, it means either your website has been penalized by Google or it is not able to crawl your website. It calls for immediate action.

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