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About Keyword Density Checker

Whenever you are writing an SEO-friendly article, Webpage content or essay keyword plays a crucial role. A keyword density checker is a tool to calculate the occurrence of the important keyword in your webpage or any content so that you can verify whether the keywords are appearing as desired.

There are no properly defined guidelines how many keywords you should use, but there are some unspoken rules you should keep in mind. The keyword density of your keywords should be around 1-2%. Our Keyword Density Checker tool allows you to check the percentage of individual words in any webpage. To use this tool just paste the URL of your web page in the provided box and hit "Submit" button.

The result will show you a total number of keywords and a table with keywords, count of individual keyword and percentage of the occurrence of individual keywords, all arranged in descending order. To check another URL, click "Try New URL."

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