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Mozrank is a quantitative tool which ranks websites based on link popularity. You can earn Mozrank based on how many pages link you and also the Mozrank of those pages. If a high Mozrank website links to your site, you'll earn a higher rank. MozRank is a logarithmic scale ranges from 0 to 10, zero being the lowest.

Thus moving from 3 to 4 is easy as compared to improving from 7 to 8. An average page has a very little Mozrank in the order of around 0.05. So even if your Mozrank is 2-3, you are doing way better. By using Mozrank, you can compare your site's rank with that of your competitors and improve.

To check your Mozrank using this tool, enter your URL in the space provided and hit "Submit" button. The tabular result will show you MozRank, Page Authority Score, and Domain Authority score. Page authority score tells how well your page will rank in the search engines result page. It ranges from 1 to 100, where 100 is highest.

Domain authority is similar to page authority, but it checks for whole domain instead of a page.

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