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About Page Speed Checker

One of the most important factors in deciding your website ranking on Google is the time your website takes to load. Every website owner should concentrate on their site’s loading speed because the website that loads faster is ranked on top these days.

Moreover, even people opening the website expect it to load in under 5 seconds. But how will you check this speed? The answer is Page Speed Checker Tool.

This tool gives a detailed report of the time a website takes to load completely. Our page speed checker tool is very easy to use and very fast and accurate. As soon as you put in the URL for your website, it will crawl the whole web and notify you how much time the website takes to load. It will also give an in-detail report mentioning which page or which graphic is taking more time.

It will provide the exact overall loading time along with the breakup of loading time of each element like individual pages, images, animations etc. this tool will help you improve the search position of your website.

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