Ruby on Rails Development Company

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Ruby on Rails Development Company

We are known for our Ruby on Rails web development company in the USA. We are capable in to do web improvement with Rails building splendid work, unpredictable and testing applications with a dynamic, reliable back-end, robust and a perfect user interface. Our plans in a way that we consistently integrate with any Ruby on Rails applications. For more info visit @

flydubai picks PROS to optimise network revenue | Aviation

Aviation- flydubai has selected PROS Origin & Destination (PROS O&D), a cloud-based, modern revenue optimisation solution.

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Maxx Intermodal Systems changes name to Rhenus Intermodal Systems | Supply Chain

Maxx Intermodal Systems, the specialist for global container logistics in the Rhenus Group, has been operating under the new name Rhenus Intermodal Systems since the start of 2017.

Air Charter Service India gears up for growth with new senior management structure | Air Cargo

Air Charter Service has announced that Ashish Wastrad has been promoted to managing director of the company’s India office, and Shahvez Jafary has been promoted to commercial director.

Air cargo sees uptick in freight demand in second half of the year, says IATA

The demand for global air freight markets, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs) grew by 3.8 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the data released by The International Air Transport Association (IATA).

How a Customize Ruby on Rails Website Raise Your Business Web Presence

Ruby on Rails often known as RoR, or Rails, it is a website development framework written in Ruby language. It intently follows the model of MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture which aims to enhance the speed and passivity with which database directed websites can be created.

Rails framework widely supports SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases and DB2.

Rails provides well structures for code written during the development process that helps Ruby on Rails Developers in building dynamic, customized and user friendly websites. RoR also provides meta programming capabilities with its controlling features.

Why RoR is Beneficial for Business Oriented Websites

Here are some facts and guidelines to be considered for business owners to think about Ruby on Rails and the reason to choose it without sacrificing flexibility and performance of their entire website.

It has 3 Major benefits:

·         Rapid Launch

Trend says that websites would generally take 12 weeks to build can mainly be launched with 6 weeks with Ruby on Rails. This time saving results because of these factors- it consists a leaner code-base, few lines of codes, an advanced design module which keeps re-using existing components to customize rather than building everything from initial stage, and the usability of existing plugins it again, minimizing the need to build features from the beginning.


·         Uncomplicated Changes

After site launch, future customizations of your site like adding new features, images, videos, scripts, content, making changes to the database model, will be made more fasten to implement.


·         Cost Effectiveness

Because of the speed by which Rails sites can be developed and modified, you spend lesser amount of money to create and maintain your web presence, without compromising its quality, performance and scalability of your site.

Business Categories Trends where RoR takes Places

§  Ecommerce 

Most e-commerce business websites benefited with Rails, its compatible features and modular approach to site development. For product descriptions and images, extremely handy when you have thousands of products custom pricing, cropping, resizing, especially handy for making product thumbnails for browser pages.


§  Social Networking Sites

A variety of plugins are available to resolve just about any social networking challenge you can think for.

§  Customized Database Solution

More and more of our new projects are custom RoR solutions needs a novel database structure to support a creative business model. In most scenario, Rails is a smart way to build these solutions.

If someone want their business into one or more of these above-mentioned categories, generally we would be very comfortable recommending Ruby on Rails as a solution for business website.

Lastly, if a firm needs a trendy web design for his USA based business and want grow universally, it is better to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers where our technical team of RoR developers, assures a string web presence that works productively to drive your business.

Water Beads

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Water Beads

Rainbow Water Beads are one of today's most
unique products. Elegant yet practical, they enhance the beauty
of floral arrangements while keeping flowers and
plants watered. Great around the home or office,
perfect for weddings!

Port of Long Beach’s cargo traffic surges in January | Shipping

Shipping - Long Beach stands ready to provide a dependable harbor as carriers adjust to new services, while we continue upgrading our berths and rail network to speed their cargo inland,” said Kenagy.

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If you want to configure Firefox, go to the menu bar and choose “Tools. Now click on “Options.” The options panel displays seven icons such as Main, Tabs, Content, Applications, Privacy, Security and Advanced. Click the “Main” icon on the options panel in Firefox. You will view three kinds of options–startup, download, and add-nos. Utilize startup options to identify what web page you wish Firefox to load when you access it. With download options, specify if you wish Firefox to display the download window while downloading.

Now click the “Tabs” icon. Select how you want Firefox’s tabs to act. Then click the “Content” icon. Inspect if you want to enable JavaScript and Java, block pop-up windows, and load images immediately. When you click the “Applications” icon, you can see a list of different file types and their associated applications. If you want Firefox to accept cookies, retain history data, and clear your private data use the privacy icon. Security icon signifies if you want Firefox to warn you when other sites forcibly install add-on. When you click on the “Advanced” icon, you will view four tabs, “General,” “Network,” “Update” and “Encryption.” With the “General” tab, you can set spelling and the scrolling preferences. The “Network” tab influence cache size and connection settings. The “Update tab” gives you the option to update the Firefox. The “Encryption tab” record certificate and protocol preferences.

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Hactl handles valuable equine for Longines Masters event | Air Cargo

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) has once again handled 60 horses competing in this year’s Longines Masters of Hong Kong. It is the event’s fifth year, and Hactl has handled the valuable equine competitors in every year of the competition.

TAP Portugal becomes Cologne Bonn’s third new airline this year | Aviation

Portuguese carrier TAP Portugal will join the German airport Cologne Bonn Airport later this summer. The carrier will be commencing a double-daily service inaugural route to Lisbon from Cologne Bonn from July 15.

Personal Training in NYC by Maik Wiedenbach

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Personal Training in NYC by Maik Wiedenbach

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فروش عمده لوازم آشپزخانه

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Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

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Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

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If you’re struggling to find new ways to grow your Page and get more Facebook likes for your fan page, you’ll want to keep reading. This post will walk you through 50 quick and easy ways to start getting more Facebook likes today!

Get more Facebook likes FREE!

1. Use proven content: PostPlanner is a fantastic tool for finding images that have already proven to be wildly popular on Facebook.
2. Make sure your About section is complete: Include keywords people may be searching for.
3. Use Facebook Insights to see what types of posts your audience likes…and post more of them!
4. Share breaking news: Your fans will likely want to share important news with their friends.
5. Embed a Facebook Like Box on your website or blog.
6. Tag another business Page in your post: They may just return the favor!
7. Post frequently: The more often you post, the more opportunities you have to grow your community!
8. Include like buttons on your website or blog (TIP: Offer a discount for liking your Page).
9. Host an event at a specific time every day/week. For example, I host a Fan Page Friday that gets a lot of engagement and shares.
10. Post a variety of original content: Share your own thoughts and tips; don’t just re-share other people’s content.
11. Share your Facebook Page with your Twitter or Instagram followers.
12. Hold a contest…it’s a great way to gain more visibility as everyone loves to win!
13. Cross-promote with a business in a complimentary niche.
14. Talk about a Facebook discussion on your blog to entice your website visitors to like your Page.
15. Invite your email list to like your Page.
16. Offer discounts or coupons to anyone who likes your Page.
17. Use a call to action at the end of your blog posts asking readers to connect with you on Facebook.
18. Embed a Facebook Badge onto your website.
19. Ask your Facebook fans to post pictures to your Page: these will show up in their friends’ feeds.
20. Leave helpful comments on other Page’s posts. Be sure to comment as your Page (not from your personal profile).
21. Include your Facebook Page URL on your business cards.
22. Leave insightful comments on blogs in your niche: When asked for your URL, use your Facebook Page address.


23. Use a watermark on all your images: When creating images to share on Facebook, make sure to include watermarks with your Page name or URL.
24. Host a photo contest: Ask your fans to submit pictures to your Page and then ask their friends to vote for their photo (suggest liking your Page, of course!).
25. Invite your Facebook personal profile friends to like your business page.
26. Include your Facebook Page URL in your email signature.
27. Link to your Facebook Page in the bio of your guest posts.
28. Run a Facebook ad campaign and set your goal as Page likes.
29. Be human: Let your personality shine in order to show there’s a real person behind your brand. People want to connect with other people, not faceless brands and logos.
30. Focus on posting content that’s NOT 100% promotional: Most of your content should be useful, entertaining or inspiring, as this is the type of content that your fans will find most valuable and will be more likely to share.
31. Follow other Pages in your niche to see how they are getting more fans: Facebook Insights allows you to watch Pages in your industry. Simply go to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section of Insights, and add your competitors Pages. Keep an eye on which ones are growing the fastest, and try out their strategies for your page!
32. Use eye-catching profile and cover photos: Using professional-quality photos that convey what your brand is about will increase the chances of a passerby actually liking your Page!
33. Invite your email contacts to like your Page.
34. Link to your Facebook Page as your place of employment in your personal profile’s ‘About’ section.
35. Create your own infographics to share on Facebook: These are great for getting shares! Piktochart is a great tool for this.
36. Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook Page: Here’s how to do it. You can also connect your Intstagram account!
37. Set up Facebook commenting on your WordPress site using a plugin like Facebook Comments.
38. Link to your Facebook Page from your LinkedIn profile.
39. Include a call to action to like your Page on your product purchase thank you page.
40. Tag your fans in your posts: They’ll be more likely to share posts where they’ve been mentioned.
41. Suggest liking your Page for those attending your next free webinar. You can even post a poll or specific content around the theme of the webinar to encourage them to visit and like the page.
42. ‘Boost’ a popular post and set targeting to ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ or ‘People you choose through targeting’ to extend your reach.
43. If you haven’t already, make sure your Page URL contains your business name and/or keywords people will be searching for.
44. Promote your Facebook Page on marketing materials handed out at offline events like tradeshows or conferences.
45. Occasionally tag your Facebook Page in your personal posts.
46. Add a QR code to your business card that directs people to your Facebook Page. Yes, there are some who still use QR codes :-)!
47. Focus on community: focus more on building and serving your community and your Page will exponentially grow simply because people will want to share it!
48. Share videos with your fans: Videos on Facebook have never been bigger, and are great for getting shares.
49. Create a fun timeline cover that encourages visitors to like your Page.
50. Finally….Make sure your content is right for your audience. If you’re using every single one of the 49 strategies above, but aren’t posting amazing content your fans love, all your efforts will fall flat.

What are your best tips for getting more Facebook likes? Share below!

Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement

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Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement

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Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement


Twitter can be a really powerful tool if you know how to use it. It may have its own issues but for business marketers, it can be a game changer. But in order to make the most of what it has to offer, you need to knowhow to make your tweets have maximum visibility.

Here is a list of ways to increase the visibility of your tweet. Also, by learning these tactics you can build a powerful presence on Twitter and control the conversation instead of being lost in it.

Create An Attractive Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile makes an immediate impression on your followers so do some efforts to make it attractive. Keep your profile picture of something you feel your brand associated with publicly while also creating an amazing background image. Also, there is an option to customize your background. Now facilitate your followers with a short description that explain yourself beautifully to get connected with people of same interest you have.

Use A Dashboard

For your tweeting needs, you should use a Twitter dashboard. Twitter has dashboards like HootSuiteTweetDeck andSeesmic as one of its most powerful tools. These dashboards extend Twitter beyond a single column of Tweets also you can set up your experience in the manner you like it. Dashboards have streams that tell only @mentions of your Twitter username.

In the advanced settings, you can create columns to display all mentions of your brand name, CEO’s name and slogan and their visible product. Even use dashboards to spy your competitors. So if you are not using a dashboard get it now as it is an essential thing to stand out your niche.

Understand Twitter Search

After setting up your dashboard, go on to Twitter’s own advanced search tool to enter yourself in the conversation related to your niche.

Similar to Google’s advanced search state keywords to approach right phrases. But Twitter is a social information network so it differs from Google search by having social queries. Here you can search tweets of a particular person, from a particular location and much more.

It is also a strong tool to find people’s discussion within your niche. Search anything you like and find out potential clients who might need you for your services. Furthermore, you can also discover popular hashtags in your niche.

Tweet During Daytime Hours

Keep in mind your target audience then set your tweeting time accordingly. Usually the active hours are during the 11-12 hours of daytime but this interaction increases between 8am and 7pm. But tweeting too often can lead you to lose engagement. So constrain your tweeting for higher engagement rate, but always respond actively to DMs. You can find out the time when your audience is mostly active by using the tool from Tweriod.

Tweet On Saturday And Sunday

There is no break from Twitter on weekends. If you want engagement, then you should tweet on weekends because studies show engagement rate is higher on the weekends than weekdays. Use images and videos to increase twitter engagement hugely.

Learn The Language

Try to familiarize some terms used by Twitter like @replyTweetRT or retweetDM (Direct Message)followersand trending topics. Knowing these terms will help you in your interaction. Plus, use hashtags as they create high visibility by doubling your engagement rate. But be cautious using multiple hashtags because more than two can cause even a drop in your engagement. Use links to get more twitter retweets.

Monitor Your Following To Follower Ratio

Keep a positive ratio of the following to follower to get good current status. You can gain more twitter followers by offering people you follow to follow you back. Good content can also help you to increase people following you. Point to remember: don’t try to follow large group at the start, because it may cause suspension.

Follow The Right People

Only go for the individuals who share the same cause with you. So keep searching them. Also look for the people with a huge following and ask them to follow you back.

Keep tweeting!

Homes For Sale Boothbay Harbor ME

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It is every individual’s dream to live in their own home, and not in a rented one. People work hard throughout their lives to buy their dream house. People invest their life’s entire income and saving, into one property. You wouldn’t want to invest into something that you would regret later. Right? Therefore, it is always recommended to do ample research before buying a house. Most people look forward towards buying a dream house in Boothbay Harbor Real Estate, for the obvious reasons. Call Maine Companion at 207-218-4000.

Hactl to handle cargo for VietJet at Hong Kong | Air Cargo

VietJet has appointed Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) – Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler to provide cargo terminal operations for its newly-launched flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong.

Crane Worldwide opens new facility in Amsterdam | Supply Chain

Crane Worldwide believes in providing complete supply chain solutions to our clients. With the addition of the new Head Office facility in Amsterdam, we now have the ability to service our clients with a suite of supply chain


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its an mail appending 

Air Charter Service promotes Tracy D’Cruz to new role of European regional director | Air Cargo

The charter numbers of these operations have grown by 80 percent in the last five years, and Tracy will oversee the future development.”

Working Principle of Digital Tachometer

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What sets digital tachometers part is the display that suggests a digital analyzing, which can be gathered by using an optical sensor.

James Hogan will step down as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in the second half of 2017, confirmed the Etihad Aviation Group Board of Directors.


Bolloré Logistics renews partnership with CSL for storage and export of petroleum products | Supply Chain

For three more years, Bolloré Logistics will be exclusively responsible for stock-keeping, preparing orders, organising loading operations and managing administrative and customs documentation towards West Africa.

The Fundo Soberano de Angola (FSDEA), Angola’s sovereign wealth fund, today announced that it has committed to invest $180 million in a strategic deep sea port in Angola. The commitment is made as part of FSDEA’s $1.1 billion infrastructure fund.


Halifax Stanfield cargo volume up 4.1 % y/y in 2016 | Air Cargo

Halifax Stanfield has seen substantial growth in air cargo last year. 33,329 metric tonnes of cargo was processed during the year, up 4.1 percent over 2015. Much of the cargo handled was live lobster.

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