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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

It is always a good practice to monitor the status of your servers whether it is up and running. Also, it is a useful tool to check which of your server is not responding and fix the faulty server. Suppose you are hosting online games and users are not getting any response from your website, then you need to find the failed server within the fraction of time for an interrupted service.

This tool can check up to 100 URLs at a time. Just enter your URLs in separate lines and hit "Submit" button.

The result will show the status in tabular form. For each URL an HTTP code, response time, and status (online or offline) is shown. Different HTTP codes have different meanings. Some of them are shown below:

  • 200: Good status and the server are returning the requested URL.
  • 301: Address moved permanently to a new address.
  • 302 and 307: Temporary redirection is found.
  • 400: Bad request.
  • 401: Unauthorized access.
  • 403: Forbidden, need authentication.
  • 404 and 410: Server Not Found.
  • 500: Internal Server Error.

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