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To make your domain worldwide available, it should be highly portable. For this portability, the URL should be uniformly encoded. For this purpose, encoder maps a broad range of character into 60 allowed characters in an URL.

Encoding/Decoding is a two step process. The first step includes converting the character string into a sequence of bytes which uses UTF-8 encoding. The second step converts each byte which is not an ASCII character and digits to hexadecimal in the format %HH. Here HH is the hexadecimal equivalent of the byte.

To save you from all this trouble we provide you with a tool where you just have to enter your text and hit "Submit." The tool will automatically recognize whether you have entered an encoded or a decoded test and will show the result accordingly.

For example, entering "About encoder/decoder" will give you a decoded text as "About+encoder%2Fdecoder". To use this tool again, just click on "Try New Document."

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