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Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to Enjoy Blinky Bill Shows

When you are visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast, don’t miss to watch the action packed daily show with Blinky Bill and his mate Nutsy. You can enjoy this show with your entire family. Also, you can purchase Blinky Bill movie trailer DVD while visiting the Sanctuary.

Ultimate Adventures Things to do At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you get a chance to visiting the Gold Coast, don’t forget to explore one of the largest collections of Australian wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can enjoy the tree top challenge, Segway safari, koala experience, possum encounter, salt water crocodile feeding and more.

Enjoy Adventures with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's Tree Top Challenge

Love to do adventurous activities? Join us at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast to feel the adrenaline pumping with 80 huge tree top challenges, including 11 insane ziplines to make an unforgettable day of thrills and action. For more details, browse our website today!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Top Rated Tourist Destination in Gold Coast

With Blinky Bill shows, Wildlife Hospital’s amazing viewing experiences and lots of native Australian animals, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has become the ultimate holiday adventure in the Gold Coast. Book today & enjoy with your family.

Cuddle a Koala with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

In addition to being one of the most popular Queensland destinations that allows people to cuddle a koala, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary also allows access to the onsite hospital. This facility treats over 250 koalas every year, brought in by the local community.

Come & Experience Volunteering with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Come and volunteer at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! There are two types of Volunteering options available – short-term & long-term. Visit now & apply to become a volunteer.

Explore the Kids on Conservation Trail with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s conservation trail activity centre. Here, you will find amazing facts about Australian wildlife & discover the ways you can help make a difference in wildlife conservation.

Discover Fun Things to do on Gold Coast with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary & experience loads of fun things to do at the number one sanctuary on the Gold Coast. For detailed information on tickets booking & amazing deals, visit our website.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - South-East QLD's Tourist Attraction

Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary if you want to get up close to wildlife. Here, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s indigenous, natural and historic heritage and culture.

Book A Course Online with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

From holiday programs, class tours to intensive wildlife care training, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience for the local community. Come & view the course list to be booked online today.

Enjoy Wildlife Shows & Events with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

With loads of native Australian wildlife to discover, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is considered one of the best parks because of its breathtaking entertainment & show. Our shows include a crocodile behaviour show, free flight bird show, aboriginal dance show, etc. For more details, visit our website.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Gold Coast

Looking for things to do? Gold Coast visitors should come to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and experience the ultimate tourist destination in the Gold Coast. For more information on tickets and plans, visit our website.

Creature Keepers Wildlife Course At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

For high school students, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is offering Creature Keepers. This course is a real zoo experience and gives students exposure to working in the zoo environment.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Gold Coast’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is voted one of the leading tourist destinations in Gold Coast, dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and historic heritage & culture. Buy tickets online & enjoy the latest deals.

Discover the Top Things To Do At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Looking to visit the Gold Coast? Check out Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s guide for all the best highlights, including the tree top challenge, segway safari, koala experience, feed a croc & possum encounter.

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